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We provide a series of supports for guidance and arrival/departure procedures of customers and the crew using business jet aircrafts at the time of their entry/exit and a series of supports for guidance and control of business jet aircrafts from their arrival to departure and wait for customers from foreign countries, ensuring that they can use the airport with a feeling of security.


We provide support for customers using the special gate for business jet aircrafts. The main operations include greeting customer at the gate, coordination with the operation handling company staff, guidance to parking place, management of the waiting room and locking and unlocking of the facility. We always try to make every effort so that customers using business jet aircrafts can use the airport comfortably


We conduct, on a 24-hour basis, acceptance of reservation for use of the special gate for business jet aircrafts, change of reservation and checking of flight schedule and try to perform a smooth and efficient facility operation.

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