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Japan Airport Ground Handling Co., Ltd.

At Haneda Airport, the preparations toward the Olympics/Paralympics, such as expansion of the terminal, increase of arrival/departure slots and entry of new airlines, have been steadily conducted. Japan Airport Ground Handling Co., Ltd. is an active company which aims at making a further leap, by utilizing the management resources such as the accumulated know-hows, human resources and equipment and providing high-quality competitive services in concert with our group companies, to meet the increasing demands.



We provide check-in service, luggage handling and gate service at the passenger terminal so that passengers can depart comfortably.

We also provide services that match passengers' needs such as assistance of physically handicapped persons and carrying of large baggage.



We have the specialized teams organized for guidance of aircraft, operation of passenger boarding bridges, loading and unloading of cargo, cleaning of cabin and catering and provide services, from arrival of aircraft to its departure, that allow a safe operation of aircraft according to schedule.



We provide a total service for business jet that customers can use with security, including support of the paperwork for landing and taking off of a private jet aircraft, picking up/sending off of staff from/to spot, carrying of baggage, cleaning of cabin and catering.

In ramp handling services,

we pay extra attention to the responsibilities and physical care.


Why don't you come

and work with us?

It is not fancy

but fully challenging jobs

are waiting for you.

As the support staff of the airline,

we are proud to be involved in support of many travelers prioritizing the "Customer First"policy.

We conduct every day work,

in both physical work and brain work, with motivation and responsibility.

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