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Message from President

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan Airport Terminal Group, Japan Airport Ground Handling Co., Ltd. contributes to improvement and development of airport functions through ground handling services.

Japan Airport Ground Handling Co., Ltd. (JAG) was established as a subsidiary company of Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. (JAT) on October 1, 2010. The mission of JAG is to contribute to further improvement of the airport functions for international flights at Haneda Airport which will increase in the future, through the ground handling services. Haneda Airport, one of the world's leading airports, needs to improve various functions in terms of both quality and capacity as the gateway to Japan and to respond to passengers visiting Japan who are expected to increase in the future. JAT, which takes charge of construction, management and operation of the terminal of Haneda Airport, has made efforts to increase "Omotenashi (hospitality)" in the hardware and software aspects to make Haneda Airport the best airport in the world, with the CS policy "Peace to those who enter, hail to those who leave (PAX INTRANTIBVS SALVS EXEVNTIBVS)".


JAG has also made efforts to practice "Omotenashi" in the ground handling services for 24 hours and 365 days so that the airlines which are our customers and all passengers visiting the airport can be satisfied. JAG, as a professional of ground handling, will continue to expand the businesses while making efforts to pursue development of human resources and improvement of quality, on the basis of absolute safety, in conjunction with various airport functions, that is, in conjunction with JAT group companies which operate merchandise sale, food and beverage, maintenance and cleaning of the terminal, catering, etc., which is the strength of JAG.

Japan Airport Ground Handling Co., Ltd.



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